Sunny is an artist, entrepreneur, observer and change maker. She utilizes her artwork to inspire social change by promoting relationship health at birth with the LOVE Swaddle® Baby Blanket. She raises awareness for The One LOVE Foundation daily.

An entrepreneur, and a contemporary full time artist who holds a BA in Art History from Hollins University. Sunny also completed coursework in the physiological and psychological effects of color, through the IACC-NA in California. 

During Covid she started, LOVEVOLVE LLC. Using the knowledge of physiological and psychological effects of color, she creates products from her art therapy painting of the word LOVE and EVOLVE. Research shows that seeing positive words like "LOVE" can change your brain, leading to more compassion for yourself and others, increased resiliency, thinking more clearly, enhanced creativity, and communicating with others more authentically. 

Her artwork is printed onto textiles with interest primarily in the intangible aspects of her work, and the energy around the pieces. If you literally wrap a baby in the word LOVE, send them home from the hospital with this very visual daily reminder, for parents while connecting the family to the One Love Foundation for relationship health education, what are the social and emotional effects ? Is this simple act the beginning of a more compassionate foundation for our society?

Since September 1,2020 all babies born at HCA Henrico Doctors Hospital in Richmond, Virginia have been wrapped in LOVE. Bon Secours has also joined, as well as OB/GYN practices. To date 15,800 babies have received a LOVE Swaddle®. It will be fun to watch the effects. Sunny encourages all who are in the maternity world to join her mission to 'wrap babies in LOVE'®.

Relationship health awareness is the beginning of broad societal change. The LOVEVOLVE public murals connect the community. The Schools bring in the One Love curriculum as an addition to the health classes. The three pronged approach will bring relationship health to communities for positive change. One Love was founded by Yeardley Love's family after her tragic death just weeks before her graduation from UVA in 2010.




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